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Landing pages
tailored for



More conversions. With the same advertising budget.

Every paid acquisition campaign deserves personalized landing pages. Improve the profitability of your marketing budget by optimizing your customers post click experience.

Test different Look & Feel

Test several versions of the same landing page to find the most performing one. We help you on the definition, implementation and analysis of these tests. We will continuously build the best possible landing pages for each campaign.

Adapt the landing page to the user's search

Each user coming from a Google Ad has done a very specific search. Each of your campaign targets a very specific user segment. Adapting the landing page to these parameters will help you winning incremental conversions.

Ensure your users a ultra fast loading time on Mobile

Do not lose precious paid visits due to loading of several seconds. Thanks to our Google AMP expertise, your Mobile Webpages will load instantly and your campaign efficiency will improve very significantly.


are we ?

Alessandro and Vincent met in 2009 at ESV Digital, where they started side by side the same day.
It quickly followed a shared passion for digital marketing and its permanent evolution which offers great opportunities.
10 years after their encounter, their strong bond and their will to start a venture together in France pushed them to join forces to create Symetrics.


Vincent found in the digital world a field of expression for his creativity and spirit of initiative. First at ESV Digital where he learned surrounded by experts the subtleties of SEA by managing large accounts like Orange. Then at Google he became an expert of the whole suite of Google Ads (Youtube, Display, Mobile) within the Entertainment industry. And finally at Criteo where he had the opportunity to manage Lead Generation and Retail industries. He is accustomed to large musical differences between 90s old school New York hip hop and Ghent electronic music, which he is always ready to discuss over a beer from a Parisian microbrewer. Also, he hates clichés on Parisian bobos.


Alessandro started working as a SEA Manager in 2009 and has built up considerable expertise in this lever over the past 10 years. First at ESV Digital then at LivingSocial, where its role has taken on an international dimension. In 2013 he moved to New York to take on the role of Global SEA Manager, overseeing all of the company's SEA efforts (USA, UK, Australia, Asia). In 2015 he founded Datlab Inc., a SEA agency based in NYC: with an annual growth of 50%, he directly manages the budget of his clients (around $ 1M / month) with the role of CEO. Passionate about music, he enjoys concerts, beach volleyball and a good IPA in his free time.


Perfect symmetry

The evolution of targeting technologies now offers great precision for digital media campaigns. These ultra-precise campaigns deserve to redirect to equally precise pages to make the most of the budget invested. We believe that online advertising and the on-site experience should work in perfect symmetry.

Best in class performance

Our mission is to find for you the best possible combination between your marketing campaigns and their landing page. Monitoring goal metrics will ensure that these new pages provide the best possible performance. Thus we will offer your campaigns the maximum chance of success.


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